"I'm looking for a property manager for two properties in your area, one's in Indian Harbour and the other is satellite beach, could you please send me your cost %policies.

Your costs are as follows:

10% of property management on all rent collected.

Rental commission of 50% of a full month’s rent.

$25 to have an attorney review and sign lease.

$150 maintenance reserve.

We manage sales tax –paid by short-term tenants.

" How$much$do$you$charge$for$a$renewal/extension?

30% of a full month’s rent (minimum $350).

This is not mandatory as our leases simply stay-in-place if both owner and tenant agree to rely on a clause converting the

initial one-year term to a “month-to-month” agreement with owner and tenant having 15-day notice rights.

- How$many$people$work$in$your$company?$

We use subcontractors for maintenance and repairs. We have local, reliable, and honest contractors.


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