How long does it take to lease my property?

When you find residents for my rental home, how do you qualify them?

How quickly does Aamerican Property Management process the monthly rents and statements to property owners?

How often and how are property inspections conducted?

What if I want to sell my property, can Aamerican Property Management help?

How are rental collections handled?

Do you guarantee the residents that you place in my rental home?

Are you the cheapest company in town?

Who handles problems late at night?

Why should I choose Aamerican Property Management?

How long does it take to lease my property?

At Aamerican Property Management, our average time to lease your home on the rental market (based on 1998/99 averages) is less than 14 days! This is because we begin marketing your rental home the moment it becomes rent ready, or as soon as the current residents give us the 30-day notice of their intent to move out. We average numerous prospective tenant calls each week and we show your rentals 7 days a week.

In addition to our attractive yard signs, we also immediately place your rental property into our worldwide web site,, and into! All advertising costs are the expense of Aamerican Property Management. We are the premier leasing/management company in East Central Florida!

When you find residents for my rental home, how do you qualify them?

We strive to provide you with the caliber of residents that you want in your rental property. This includes:

A complete national credit report on each adult resident.

An East Central Florida court searches to see if the applicants have ever been evicted in the past 7 years.

Verification from their former landlords.

Verification of their employment.

In addition to the normal financial qualifications, we always try to accommodate the housing needs of our residents to ensure that the home they rent is convenient to their work, shopping, and desired school district. This will help to ensure that they will remain happy residents and remain longer in your rental property. At Aamerican Property Management, we believe that good residents are worth waiting for!

How quickly does Aamerican Property Management process the monthly rents and statements to property owners?

We pride ourselves on the quick turnaround of your rents and statements. We generally process the rents and statements 8 to 12 days after receipt of the rent. Our multiple property owners can expect that we will process their rents no later than the 20th of each month. Florida law requires that we not disburse funds until we know that they have cleared the Bank.

How often and how are property inspections conducted?

When your property is vacant, we generally inspect it each week.

The next inspection is done prior to the residents moving in. This is known as the "move-in" inspection, where we detail the condition of your property on our move-in inspection form.

We inspect the exterior of our properties on a monthly basis and we also conduct interior inspections quarterly or if we determine that checking-out the property is warranted.

Within 90 days after the residents move in, we contact the residents to ensure that all is well with your property and your residents.

Between the 10th and 11th months of the resident's lease, we discuss with the residents their intent to renew their lease for another year. If they are not renewing, then we advise the property owner and our leasing staff to ensure that we are able to get the home re-rented quickly with little or no vacancy.

When the residents move out of your property we do another detailed inspection known as the "move-out" inspection. The move-out inspection is done to ensure that the residents return the rental home back to us in the same condition as when they first rented it. If the damage is found, then we impose a claim on the Tenant's security deposit as required by the Florida Landlord/Tenant Laws, (F.S. 83), if no damage is found, then we promptly return the security deposit to the former residents.

Here is a copy of our move-out instructions given to each tenant at the lease closing:


Check out inspections of homes are made between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 4:30 P.M., Monday through Friday. Please call and make an appointment with our office after everything on this list is done. All of your furniture and personal items must be removed from the house and yard before an inspection can be made. You may not stay in the house after the inspection is completed.

To get a refund of your security deposit you must:

Remove all personal items and trash from the house and yard.

Clean all appliances thoroughly. Replace stove pans and rings with new ones, aluminum foil is not allowed.

Clean and disinfect the sink and kitchen cabinets.

Have the carpets professionally steam cleaned and save the receipt as we will need it for our files. The company used must be approved by Aamerican Property Management, please call ahead for approval before having the carpets cleaned. The carpets should be the last item cleaned in the home before the inspection is made.

Strip tile floors of all built-up wax. Remove stains and marks. Finish floors appropriately with wax.

Wash walls carefully; pay special attention to areas around light switches, hallways, and doorways. Remove all fingerprints and dirt. All light fixtures must have light bulbs installed.

Clean all windows inside and out and secure all screens.

Make needed repairs to screens and screen doors.

Clean and disinfect the bathroom(s) thoroughly.

Mow, trim, edge, rake, and water the yard day of check out.

Repair or have repaired any damage you or your pets have caused.

Discontinue telephone, electric, and water service after we have made our inspection. These must be on for our final inspection.

Make arrangements to have all the trash hauled away. No deposits can be refunded until this is done.

Have the pool clean and chemically balanced if you have one.

Have the premises fumigated for fleas by a licensed exterminator, if you have had a pet? Save the receipt.

Proof of your paid water bill is also required before the security deposit can be returned.


A copy of these requirements has been provided at the time a lease is signed and will be provided again when I give notice of vacating the premises.

What if I want to sell my property, can Aamerican Property Management help?

YES! Aamerican Property Management can sell your property. For information on how we can help sell your property, please call (321) 693-8026. Since we know the homes intimately, due to our relationship, we are the most capable of marketing and selling your home.

How are rental collections handled?

Our collections policies are as follows:

All rents are due on the 1st day of each month and late after 5:00 pm on the 1st day of each month.

All residents who have not paid on time will be served with the legal prerequisite paperwork to file an eviction against them, should they fail to remit the rents due.

NOTE: All of the above items are included at no additional cost to you as a service provided by Aamerican Property management

While it is doubtful that an eviction will ever be necessary, as we at Aamerican Property Management carefully screen all prospective tenants, occasionally financial hardships do arise requiring our prompt collections attention.

Should it be necessary to file an eviction; or, if you have a tenant who needs to be evicted when you sign on with our company, we then perform the following steps:

The above items are performed by our firm.

All paperwork, (including, but not limited to) copies of the lease, and our notices served upon the resident are forwarded to The Clerk of The Court to proceed immediately in filing the eviction action.

To save our property owners from additional losses, we do not use an attorney for simple evictions. Most evictions are settled with the resident paying all costs and remaining in the property, however, should it be necessary to proceed further, we stand ready to assist you and your property.

Do you guarantee the residents that you place in my rental home?

YES, we provide our property management customers with the following guarantee:

Should any tenants that we place into your rental home move out and break their lease (for any reason) during the first 6 months of their lease, we will waive our normal leasing fee on the re-rental of your home to new tenants!

Additionally, we always pay for the cost of advertising.

Are you the cheapest company in town?

Probably not. It seems there is a new property management company starting out every day, trying to beat everyone else's prices. Our fees are very competitive and we certainly are not the most expensive. On the other hand, we charge a fair fee for a tremendous service.

No other residential property management company in our area offers all of our combined services including:

Developing personal relationships with our customers

Full-time property managers.

Our extremely careful tenant selection process.

Our leasing fee/tenant guarantee.

Our fast rent processing policy.

We show properties and are open 7 days a week.

Some of the most qualified property managers in America.

When all fees are considered, for benefits received, we are actually less expensive than most companies around. In property management, you get what you pay for.

Who handles problems late at night?

We are on call to handle late-night calls from our residents 24 hours a day.

Many times we solve problems right over the phone avoiding what might have been an additional maintenance expense.

Why should I choose Aamerican Property Management?

In a word, "Experience". Our customers know that "Our people make the difference". We believe that the key to our success is in the personal relationships that we have developed with our customers. Your leasing consultant, your property manager, your manager's assistant, and the owners of Aamerican Property Management are here to serve you and your residents. At Aamerican Property Management, you are the boss and we will work to earn your trust.

If you have a residential rental property in the greater Brevard County area, there is no better choice for your investment and peace of mind, than Aamerican Property management


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